Why Irgent

Irgent LLC is an application service provider for small and medium businesses to effectively manage broadcast communications with interested recipients.  It is our mission to make it easy, efficient, and cost effective to reach people who want to communicate with you.

Managing communications for you

Irgent is your trusted partner in managing your entire broadcast communications needs--and you do not need to install a thing!  Every time you want to communicate to your patients, students, patrons or customers, simply:

  1. Log on to our web site
  2. Select the recipient list
  3. Send the message

It's that easy and that instantaneous!  No long term contracts, no software or hardware to purchase or install.


Security is ensured

We provide the highest level of security for your contact lists and proprietary information.  Only you can access and send information to your contacts.  We do not use or resell your contact list -- it is compleletly confidential.

Service you deserve at a price you can afford

We deliver large-company quality of service to small and medium businesses at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Check out our prices

Not only os our solution the most cost effective, it is also the best method of ensuring your information get through to the right person at the right time. When  you partner with Irgent, we focus on delivering, confirming, and tracking your important communications, so that's one part of your business that will never slow you down.


For small & medium organizations.
Save time and money by using our self-service registration and usage model. What does this provide for you?
  • No complex installation of major software application
  • No expensive setup and training
  • No waiting get up and running in one day!


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