Custom Messaging Solutions

IRGENT is your complete communication and verification service. We empower your communications by managing the entire process for you -- from providing contact list synchronization, and recording recipient delivery preferences, to intelligently routing your message and tracking receipt confirmations through email, voice, and text messaging. 

IRGENT provides an application programming interface (API) to allow our customers to develop their own messaging applications. IRGENT has both a SOAP and a JSON API so that a broad range of developers can use the API.

IRGENT also has some "canned" reminder applications that will send recurring messages to subscribers. For example, our Medication Reminders applications reminds customers to take their medication up to four times each day using the communication method they prefer. For more information, check out our Medication Reminders


Now you can be certain your messages reach your recipients, while the details are managed and logged for you through our system!

Using standards-based technology, we offer custom integration services to create powerful solutions to meet your needs.  You can use all or part of the range of services we offer:

  • Contact list management
  • Communications services for email, fax, voice, and text messaging.
  • Delivery certification and notification
  • Escalation of communications

To learn more about our services, please email us at sales

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