Ten years ago, there were two ways to communicate quickly:  by telephone at home or at work.  Today, there are many different ways to communicate: email (home, work, or mobile), fax machines (personal and business), voice (mobile, land lines), and text messaging to mobile devices.  Having so many communication choices makes people accessible, but it also presents new challenges. 

How do you reach people effectively in a way that they want to be reached?  The wide range of devices and individual consumption habits can be maze for businesses that need to deliver timely, critical information to these recipients.  This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses who can't afford customized solutions. 

The IRGENT product enables you to communicate important information to recipients via the communications channel they prefer, whether it's email, voice, text or instant messaging.  How do we do this?

We are a complete, outsourced solution for effective broadcast communications:

  • Contact Management:  We upload your existing contacts to our service and automatically synchronize them with our system – so if you make a change to the contact information, it's automatically updated on our system.  In addition, we provide a way for your contacts to update their contact information themselves.  They can specify how they desire to be contacted based on message importance and provide that updated information back to you. No more updating contact information manually!

  • Message Delivery:   Messages can be delivered via email, instant messaging, or text messaging to cell phones, and via voice messaging to any type of phone.  It doesn't matter where in the continental US. And you don't have to setup any of the communications – we do it for you!


  • Delivery Certification/Escalation:  No matter how the message is sent, we can determine if the message is delivered.  And, if the message cannot be delivered, we can escalate the message to the next best delivery optioin for that individual.

  • Reply Management:   We provide a way to  request and deliver feedback from recipients so you don't have to do it manually.  If you want to survey contacts (e.g. “Will you be able to make your appointment?”) or provide a way for customers to purchase something (e.g. “Reply to this message to reserve the foursome at our course at 8am tomorrow”), we will summarize and report their responses to you.

A single process provides organizations an effective, self service mechanism to reach their "Interested Recipients"


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